An Innovative Approach to Production Line Status Override Issue

Manufacturing companies in general follow a systematic way of working. Whenever there is a requirement of any product, a production order is placed. As soon as the products are manufactured, the status updated in the system is 'created'. Accordingly, the system updates the status automatically.

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Product Manufacturing Stages and Statuses

When products are manufactured in a plant, user needs to confirm it in SAP system. This confirmation can either be partial or total. According to the confirmation type system, status will be updated automatically as PCNF (Partial Confirmation) or CNF (Full confirmation). After selecting one of the confirmation type, user then set/activate TECO status (Technically Complete) which suggests that no further operations are pending for the order.

The primary concern faced by the user is that when user attempts to put the status as TECO, i.e. Technically Complete, the system would accept it irrespective of the actual confirmation status (PCNF or CNF). This created further issues in the production line .

It is therefore desired that a pop up box appears when the status is PCNF denoting that the products are still pending to be confirmed.

Why Production Orders Need to be Prioritized

The various production line stages have to be independently managed and reported. A priority without override is therefore a necessity rather than a need. Here's why order status should be in priority

Conventionally, there can be an indication if the status in the system is PCNF. However, this method is not reliable since TECO still can override the process. Also, standard SAP does not have the provision of giving any indication even if the status is currently in PCNF.

How Our Innovative Approach Helps Matters

Our SAP consultants help overcome the status matter by a simple yet effective method. We devise a solution using user exit and relevant logic and code in SAP ABAP. The PCNF status is notified to the user when in progress and when it is complete making sure that the user does not override the TECO status.

This yields two primary benefits, namely:

Production lines can be inherently complex. Status of process completion can not only decide the quality of the product but final accounting as well. So, our SAP consultants deliver the required status solution through innovative SAP programming.

The contract management department at our customer is delighted with this new, advanced yet highly usable solution. This solution was built directly on their expectations and feedback and so, they have adopted it readily. The SAP BPM process mimics their real-world process, and has the checks/balances to ensure accountability and SOX controls.

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