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How our customer streamlined their Contract Management using SAP process automation by Apprisia

Contract letters are those stiff worded, dry documents of legal text that allow the relevant parties to do legal business. There’s a teensy weensy problem in this setup. Businesses don’t have the luxury to play with words, align the paragraphs, rephrase and make the fine print perfect.

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If your contract management team had to do this for every contract on their table, they might as well stay holed up in their offices for weeks.

Yes, paperwork can take this much time, and every second lost like this is translated as money going down the drain. Besides, there is no way to check who is doing what at any given stage of the contract; so, progress cannot be measured, evaluated or tracked efficiently during the contract.

You’ll also need to customize the contract verbiage to meet the unique terms and conditions of each client and change the terms accordingly.

What we are offering to our customers is a way of controlling the process to speed up the generation of contract letters. This clears up more time for the customers to finalize more deals in the pipeline and expand ventures instead of playing scrabble on the letters.

Besides, the snail speed and the error of mortal ways means there are going to be delays, and deadlines will be missed inevitably. This can and most likely will jam the project processes. Things start falling apart when there are delays in execution and completion of the different phases of the project.

Race against time to resolve the customer’s problem

We mean business and for us, time is money- for real. So, naturally, this issued needed to be resolved as soon as possible. Contract management is as essential as the very air they breathe. In order to set things in motion and on the right track, a set contract format that is flexible for the clients’ requirements was the need of the hour.

If the software is not developed fast enough, the customer shall drop the whole idea altogether. Why? It is because their present resources and expertise will not be able to handle the current workload

Our team of SAP consultants implemented the SAP BPM platform based solution to develop and implement a completely automated business process for creation of contract letter template for their diverse customer base. The contract management team has to select the appropriate requirements, terms, and conditions of the customer from the set of pre-defined legal terms preapproved by their Legal.

Plus, contract letter for a customer is preserved with the terms and conditions to be re-used for future contracts with that particular client

Contract Management saves the day

Automated contract letters are error free because let’s face it- all the line items, materials, prices, discounts, delivery dates, terms and conditions are set by SAP instead of the brain of an overworked, caffeine high employee. This saves much time, which can then be put to good use to meet vital deadlines.

You’ll cut down on costs and be able to streamline contract management, because computers are surprisingly humble species and can work without salary, holiday, bonus, coffee or raise. They do not consume tons of paper and kick the old legacy system to the curb.

The contract management department at our customer is delighted with this new, advanced yet highly usable solution. This solution was built directly on their expectations and feedback and so, they have adopted it readily. The SAP BPM process mimics their real-world process, and has the checks/balances to ensure accountability and SOX controls.

The customer team is delighted with the results, and they are identifying more such business processes that are ripe for automation

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