How Our SAP HR Software Removed Administrative Bottlenecks and Streamlined HR Processes

HR teams face constant challenges in running their daily chores especially with administrative forms. The consistent policy enforcement and administrative duties convert their valuable time into non-productive hours.

Every HR team juggles with myriad forms like compassionate loan form, leave of absence, benefit in kind form etc. on a daily basis. A small business’s HR team wastes considerable time in such paperwork.

Yes, documentation and paperwork can suck weeks worth of productive hours of your HR staff. This time wasted is equivalent to money going down the drain. Also, manual paperwork is difficult to streamline and handle due to its physical nature. Simple leave forms move from table to table and can take days for approval.

Besides, most small organizations simply do not have the space and time to handle truck-loads of documents as years pass by.

Our SAP HR software helped streamline all such HR processes and addressed the above issues reliably. The client got relevant answers to complex HR issues especially those pertaining to form management.

Our team designed and implemented a centralized HR process management system. A single online portal with dynamic forms and employee participation saves valuable time and prevent delays. Staff has the ability to access all HR processes through a single portal.

Manual form processing is replaced by automatic online system sporting a simple user interface. Each employee has secure access to his/her editable Adobe interactive forms.

Further, proper validation means that only respective designation can edit content and take action. In short, our solution streamlined the complete forms/administrative process for greater efficiency and improved productivity.

Why De-Congest HR Departments

We had to provide an apt solution to our client's HR process management issue because a lot was at stake. Besides wasting valuable time, manual paperwork also meant processing mistakes. Current resources would have strained in excess to handle such inefficient paperwork.

In order to set things right, our SAP team got into motion. For us, the situation demanded quick resolution since small businesses have a narrow window for process improvement.

Our team of SAP consultants designed and implemented SAP ERP HCM based solution. This completely automatic system makes the entire internal HR process more simplified. Forms can be handled through centralized database with greater efficiency. Furthermore, automated mechanisms eliminate the need of coding.

Failed Past Attempts to Fix HR Process Glitches

We weren't the first to arrive on the scene. The WD ABAP for HR process automation was already experimented with. So, we had yet another challenge – to prove our SAP solution's credibility and performance in the backdrop of a failed attempt.

Although, a viable alternative, WD ABAP works well only for limited functionality. However, when it comes to handling centralized databases and retrieval of up-to-date information, its downsides are well apparent. It fails on multiple levels when it comes to creating a centralized single window HR infrastructure for an organization.

Technically, there are issues with attachment handling and printing. Even if it does work, the processing times are long which contradict the very concept of automation.

Our SAP HCM Based Smart HR Solution Enters the Picture

Our SAP consultants went to work on a blank slate. What we implemented was a custom solution to meet our client's unique requirements. Our SAP HCM system combines online forms storage, centralized database and administrative security into a seamless user-interface.

It automatically identifies processes, creates the appropriate forms with relevant fields and defines the process flow. Self-service is at the core of this solution. Every employee and manager is granted access to portal account. This ESS (Employee Self Service) and MSS (Manager Self Service) approach is used to populate the data into the Adobe forms. Thus, precious time is saved that would have otherwise been wasted on paperwork..

Through Adobe forms, manager can directly update tables and data from database. The data populated by employee/manager goes into the Adobe Interactive forms and relevant fields are filled automatically.

A DPF (Digital Personnel File) is created in the central database which provides central storage for all the document that affect the employee of your company like work relationship, remuneration, life events etc.. The concerned HR personnel/authority is intimated about account actions automatically. The appropriate action can be taken using validation through secure credentials.

Entire process can be integrated with SAP workflows for validation during approval process. It has also been integrated with SAP Self Service.

Why Our Client Was Smiling End to End

HCM Process and Forms streamlines HR processes. Improved efficiency is always a welcome change. The client appreciated the relief from inefficient HR processes impacting employee productivity.

There is significant reduction in processing time for HR forms. The advantage of easy-to-access centralized file database with secure access are well apparent. Adobe interactive forms lower paper waste and boast eco-friendly credentials. Furthermore, there is no need for media bridges, such as fax/PC, which helps avoid multiple data entry mistakes.

The system is quick to adopt and easy to learn. Our team supervised the training and noticed quick adoption plus high employee satisfaction. No surprises, positive impact on organization’s growth resulted in end to end smiles. The client is further exploring other organizational processes with potential for automation.

The bottom line is: Our SAP team delivered a software to streamline HR department that earlier struggled with day-to-day administrative tasks.

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