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How Our SAP Solution helped Refine Goods Transfer Process

Manufacturing plants often follow complex procedures with respect to product transfers, processes and inspection. Goods produced in the supplying plant may have to be transferred to the receiving plant depending on the manufacturing process steps. The transfer of the products are done in batches.


Before these products leave the supplying plant, there are certain procedures to be followed mainly being the quality inspection. Each batch has an associated inspection reference after which the products are transferred to unrestricted stock. Next, an STO is prepared which contains the details of the particular product including material number, quantity, batch, supplying plant etc. After completion, the goods are ready to be transferred. The same procedure is followed at the receiving plant.

Are Procedures a Bottleneck in Speedy Manufacturing?

Manufacturers often want to transfer the goods from the supplying plant to the receiving plant without having to undergo the quality inspection at the supplying plant. They desire that goods be directly transferred to the unrestricted stock from where the products can be taken to the receiving plant. Some organizations want the quality inspection to be done at the receiving plant instead. Plus, it is favorable that the same batch of products, bearing the same inspection reference, should be inspected at the receiving plant that are being transferred without undergoing the inspection process at the supplying plant. 


So, the primary concern here is that firms do not want to follow the same procedure at the receiving plant as the ones being followed at the supplying plant. They seek to bypass the quality inspection at the supplying plant to save both time and effort.

How Standard SAP poses Hindrance to Direct Goods Transfers

The foremost approach is to try to transfer the products directly to unrestricted stock without quality inspection. However, standard SAP does not support this method. The quality inspection has to be done. The current setup does not have the provision of transferring the products from supplying plant to the receiving plant without undergoing the quality inspection at the supplying plant.

How Our Smart SAP Programming Helped Matters.

Our SAP experts enhance the available code by using Z programming. This enhancement benefits by allowing to skip inspection at the supplying plant. Not only is the manufacturing process sped up but the effort involved in inspection is also halved. Valuable time and manpower is optimized for improved productivity.

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