How our users can access all documents for their Workflows long after it is completed.

Enhancing the Work Flow with SAP Workflow

Inter-departmental communication is the key for a smooth functioning organization. For most companies, employees require access to a number of files and reports that are generated by various departments in their everyday work.

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Moving these files manually is not an easy task and could result in many human errors. Thus, most companies depend upon SAP for implementing these workflows, and attaching the documents by the various people when it is their turn to process the paperwork.


For one of our customers, they faced problems with keeping track of the workflow within their organization. Their employees were able to upload and view files within a workflow until its completion. However, in case they needed to access these files post completion of workflow, they could not access these documents. This created a glitch in the otherwise smooth working process of the company.

Clearly, the company needed to provide their employees continuous access to all the files at every stage of the workflow, and after the workflow’s completion.

Company’s Expectations

Our customer was looking for a solution so that the employees involved in the workflow could access the documents after the workflow was completed.

This was also required for SOX compliance and audit purposes.

They also wanted that if an employee needed to see integrated files at any stage of the workflow, he/she should be able to do so. The company expressed the need that all the files, documents and reports that are uploaded in the workflow should be accessible to all the users even after the completion of the work flow.

Company’s Action Plan and Results

In order to resolve this problem area, the company first came up with a plan of its own. They tried viewing all the files and folders in SAP KM. This data point manages all the information within the organization.

However, the company soon faced a hiccup with this approach. Only the administrator could access the KM folders. This limited access nullified the new initiative, as the main requirement was that all users within the workflow should be able to access all the files.

Improving SAP Workflow

Our expert team got down to work immediately and planned on developing an interface that would help solves the workflow issue. We came up with an interface which enabled the users to access files and folders within the workflow irrespective of the stage.

Using this interface, the employees of the company could now easily access, view and download files and documents that they required. In order to enhance the security and ensure that only the permitted users could access it, we created a system which enabled only the authorized personnel to access the reports of the workflow.

Resolution of the Issue

This new interface improved the whole workflow system and the employees were now able to access all files and documents that were created during a particular process in the work flow. They were also able to view the files, documents and attachments even after the completion of the workflow.

Customer’s Feedback

The users were extremely delighted with the new interface which resolved the issue of file access within the workflow. They claim that this new interface improved the overall effectiveness and usability of SAP workflow.

At Apprisia, we continue to extend our support for streamlining our customer’s operations. We also look forward to helping other companies that might be thinking of streamlining or improving their processes and functioning.

Next step

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