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How SAP BPM Workflow Is A True Asset For Any Organization

Time and effort are the two most valued assets for any individual or business today. Almost anything and everything that we do today are centered on saving time and effort. This is just as true for a customer who wishes to make changes to a contract with a company.

Before moving any further, it is important to clarify that within the scope of the present article and context, a contract is any agreement that has been made between the customer and a company regarding the use and terms/conditions of a prod or service. Obviously, the customer is the user of the product/service and the company is the provider.

The ‘Process’

Typically, the process of updating a contract, when made by the customer, requires him or her to make changes to the data in the file. Since the contract is a two-way deal, any changes made to the same must be verified and validated by both the parties.


As a result, the changes made by the customer are sent to the concerned departments and individuals in the company for verification and approval. It is only after the grant of approval that the changes are published in the third party system.

The ‘Problem’

The roadblocks in the process are the big issues for the customer. A customer may make several requests for changes in his or her contracts. Therefore, at the customer level, it gets really difficult to send, track and manage requests/approvals.

Commonly Sought Solution

Email communication is the easiest available communication tool for a majority of the Internet users. This is perhaps the reason why most customers turn to email communication when it comes to looking for a solution to this problem. Customers find it simplest to maintain an email communication for change verification and approval process.

Why This Solution Fails

Emails suffer from some inherent issues. For instance, an email may not reach the receiver or even if it does, it may land up in his spam folder. Therefore, email communication suffers from serious reliability issues. In addition, email communication is also one of the most time-consuming forms of communication. In entirety, this solution is plain ineffective.

SAP BPM Workflow: New-Age Solution To The ‘Big Customer Issue’

In order to replace the inefficient email communication solution and bring in efficiency and high productivity to the system, it is essential that the solution must follow a workflow. The request for change made by the customer should be received by the system, which should then move down to all the departments for verification and approval.


SAP BPM Workflow successfully achieves this data flow. Here, SAP BPM stands for SAP standard tool for Business Process Management, which handles and manages contract change requests by the customers in a streamlined and organized manner, making it much easier for customers to handle and manage requests/approvals.

How SAP BPM Workflow Benefits The Customer

The efficacy of the SAP BPM Workflow in solving the customer issues can be assessed by analyzing the following benefits:

  • Automated.
  • Efficient
  • Supports multi-level approvals
  • Supports any time workflow tracking

Now that you have had a look at how the problem emerges, what are the solutions adopted and how SAP BPM Workflow outshines the other adopted solutions, choosing the right solution for your company should be a cakewalk. So, go ahead and make a wise decision because a company becomes big by the number of customers it makes, but it becomes bigger by retaining its customers and keeping them happily associated.b b

Next step

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