How SAP Brings Order to Goods Transportation and Delivery Sector

For every manufacturing or trading company, the shipping and delivery of goods/products to the delivery plants or end user is a crucial aspect of the whole business model. This entire process requires an effective communication platform along with process management. Shipping points are responsible for the delivery of these goods/products.

Therefore, all the goods/products are sent to their shipping points from where they are delivered to the end user or delivery plants.

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Goods manufacturing and delivery to the shipping points, and then to the final delivery plant – this entire process requires an effective medium that keeps all the transportation information secure.

In order to achieve this goal, manufacturers wanted the communication via emails as it allows track of all the information related to transportation process. Manufacturer needs to maintain the email account of the shipping point in the SAP configuration screen.

In standard SAP, e-mail, telephones and fax number can be entered. However, the user cannot send the information to the email addresses that are maintained at the shipping point.

Why An Effective Communication Platform is Required?

How Firms Approach this Issue Traditionally?

The manufacturer maintained an email account in the SAP shipping point address configuration screen in order to manage all the information related to delivery.

Reason Why Traditional Methods Fail to Meet Manufacturer's Expectations

Unfortunately, standard SAP does not have the provision to send the information of delivery, including the Bill of lading and Packaging list to the email accounts that are maintained at the shipping point.

How We Help Manufacturers Achieve Higher Efficiency

Our professionals managed to enhance the available code to help manufacturers get what they wanted. With this enhancement, now manufacturers are allowed to send the delivery information such as Bill of lading and Packaging list to the shipping point email account as a PDF document.

This allowed for greater transparency, improved efficiency and coordination in transportation sector.

Next step

Whether its smooth delivery or verifiable transactions, there's always a better SAP solution system waiting for our clients. If you are looking for similar SAP based transportation or manufacturing solution, talk to Apprisia's SAP consultant for more information on how to deal with goods transportation and delivery bottlenecks.