How SAP helped in the Communication of Important data within an Organization Effectively

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Concerns with Conventional SAP method.

For every organization, handing small details, keeping records of all the transactions on a daily basis is utmost important. The billing process and the decision making process solely rely on the information provided. Thus, it is important that the information should reach all the concerned authorities in a timely and efficient manner. In case there are any purchases being made the invoice can be sent directly via emails.

Organizations want to send the emails of invoice to all the concerned authorities through one medium at once. But this cannot be achieved as in customer Master data it is not possible to add more than one email address at a time.

Why an Effective Communication platform is Important.

It is important to resolve the issue as:

How Conventional Approach Fails to Resolve the Issue?

Organizations tried adding more than one email address in the customer Master data. But, unfortunately it couldn't work. The standard SAP system doesn't allow the customer to add more than one email address in the customer Master data. The traditional approach not only fails to resolve the issue but actually increases the processes in between crucial tasks.

Our Approach to solve the issue

We provide our customers with a new tab in the customer Master data which makes it possible to add more than one email address. Hence, now it is easy to send the email of the invoice to multiple email addresses at a time. Through ABAP based development, we have enhanced the SAP functionality to add more email addresses.

What Are the Main Benefits to Organizations /Customers

SAP solutions not only deliver an improved efficiency in managing financial processes, but also delivers a layer of security that conventional systems lack. At Apprisia, we make sure that security, efficiency and ease are integrated into every solution we deliver to client.

Next step

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