How SAP Standard Screen Is Optimized for Custom Inventory Management

Importance of Inventory Management
In any organization, large or small, inventory management is responsible for smooth operations of all the processes and activities. Inventory is the driving force behind any business's ability to generate consistent revenue and profits.

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Inventory is a dynamic entity and is in state of perpetual change. In order to perform any changes in the inventory, updating the physical inventory document to accommodate newer changes is crucial. At the same time, the reasons for doing so should also be valid.

But SAP standard screen has its own limitations. Herein, only generic reasons were available which sometimes do not give much leeway in terms of customization. Organizations today need forms (or screens) that validate reasons to make changes to the inventory in a systematic manner and also update the same information in a secure way so that relevant authority can access the information. Such a dynamic form of SAP standard screen is not available conventionally.

Reasons for Changing Inventory are Crucial part of Inventory Management

Making changes to the inventory is inevitable. However, doing the same without any particular reason can lead to haywire management. Here's why it becomes important to specify reasons in the form:

How Conventional Approach to Inventory Management is a Failure

Physical inventory document is the actual document which contains the list of materials included in the inventory adjustment exercise. SAP's physical inventory document does provide the text field for writing reasons that were responsible for carrying out a particular change in the inventory. However, the same is not visible in the printed document or material document as received from the SAP standard screen.

SAP standard screen does not have the requisite provision of specifying a particular reason to be added to the 'Reason Text' of the physical inventory document for inventory adjustment. Thus, whatever text (or reason) typed into the reason text field does not appear in the material document.

Custom SAP Standard Screen is the Perfect Solution

Customizing SAP is always the way to go! Text field in the physical inventory document can be added that further allows the user to add specific reasons for inventory management in the material document. Thankfully, the changes are now visible in the material document as well.

How Organizations Benefit from the Reason Text Field

A simple change to the SAP's physical inventory document can provide a ton of respite to inventory management staff. The right reasons behind inventory adjustment or optimization can be explained in a systematic way.

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