How we developed faster SAP search in our applications to enable quicker intuitive response

Customers use the standard SAP application based interaction for searching out the values for different parameters. SAP search is often very time consuming because the search database is huge. To show these values to the user in a manageable way, the search help may display 300 entries at a time.

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Problem with the present SAP Application

Naturally, the issue here is loss of user experience and precious time. Plus, it requires multiple clicks to get there and the business user may lose focus on what she is doing. The character specific search needs to be precise if the user wants to reach the desired result which is yet again, a very time consuming process.

Time is money- literally. The customer is too busy to try out new search term combinations. Things needs to work fast and for this, the issue of slow SAP apps had to be resolved on top priority.

Our Approach to Providing an Intuitive Search

Our solution works like a charm to solve the issue. We modified the application to pre-fetch and cache the entire dataset to the front end, which consisted of a few thousand records. This limited back end processing naturally made the search algorithm faster and more efficient.

Now, the user can type the required value, and the relevant values would start appearing in the drop down (similar to google intelligent search filter). Ultimately, the user gets instant fast results while they type.

The greatest benefit to the user is that the search results appear instantaneously and they don’t have to enter the search string or click on search button every single time. The business user now gets better results in lesser time and in lesser number of clicks.

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