Sales Order Output Issue and the Ideal SAP Solution

Organizations use Sales Order output for printing sales order. This is crucial for maintaining the inventory and sales records and also important to keep the stake holders informed. But, if a user wants this Sales Order output as an email, there is a need to set up a new output type for this purpose which involves considerable amount of time and development efforts.

Not every organization is the same and each organization faces different challenges, therefore it is not feasible to implement separate solution for each case.

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Why Sales Order Issue has to be Resolved Promptly.

In the absence of any functionality, many companies have to save the output of print preview and manually forward that to the e-mail id. This takes a lot of time and extra efforts. Organizations want to resolve this issue quickly so that the extra time and efforts could be utilized for other business operations.

How is this Issue Resolved Traditionally?

The companies who wish to implement this functionality, need to save the document. But, unfortunately this method doesn't always work the way intended. Every time user has to remember to save the output and mail it as an attachment. This consumes a lot of time and also needs a lot of effort. This also creates a bunch of files in the system, since for each Sales Order, a user needs to save the output separately.

How Our SAP Consultants Delivered the Right Solution.

Proposing the right solution to match the client's needs requires apt consultation. Our SAP consultants ensure they understand the issue well to propose a suitable solution. Here is how the Sales Order output is resolved.

How these Solutions Benefit the Organizations?

SAP is a means to provide an easy solution to the users allowing them to customize as per their needs. Our SAP consultants ensure that issues like Sales Order output is tailored as the per the client’s need and not as the system permits.

When inventories are managed with improved SAP features, companies save not only time but also human resources. Our consultants work their way out of such standard SAP issues only to help firms improve their bottom line.

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