Smart SAP Label Printing - Save Expensive Label Printing Paper and Save Environment

SAP Label Printing- What’s it all about

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They are fixed on the products and help through the different stages of supply chain, warehousing and all the way to the cash register. These very barcode labels are printed by computers using SAP printing program.

This SAP program uses automated printing to print labels. Now, you might be wondering what that is. This method involves designing the barcode and the CSV file, which contains the description of the barcode. It is actually a file, which tells the barcode printer about the product name, price, manufacturing, code, product image and expiry date along with some other details.

Glitches in the SAP label printing setups

It is all fine and dandy, but there are a few glitches in this plan.

Firstly, computers are not tree hugging types - meaning they do not care if paper is wasted.

Secondly, if the program prints 4 labels per page, it will continue to do so even when label size changes. It does not auto adjust to ensure optimum use of labeling paper.

The third hiccup in this setup is that the external data processing might lead to a sag or delay in the printing.

We are providing SAP support to our customer who is manufacturing printer parts. Our customer wanted a setup that saves the special label sheet used for printing labels and ensures minimum waste of paper. Also, the customer wanted a program that eases the design and lowers complexity of the label to fasten the printing process.

However, this does not always work. Why? It is because printing is often done on a dime, and there is never enough time to get the details right down to the dot. In a busy assembly line, printing jobs are hardly ever scheduled.

SAP Smart Label Printing Program – Save Paper

So, how can we help?

Here is what we developed to save the label printing paper: The label printing program was modified with slight adjustments. We provided the option of placeholders in the printing program so the customer can position the location on the paper where the printing should start. This enables the customers to select the blank part of the paper and use it for printing. The program starts printing from there and takes it all the way to the next page as designated.

This solution is highly automated meaning you will not have to deal with staff training (or the lack of). It also enhances productivity since the labeling process is not held up every time the operator has a phone call, lunch break or needs to go to the bathroom.

Now, this solution is way better because the customer has the flexibility to print as many labels as are required in a single batch without wasting even a sheet of paper. They also get the luxury to reuse empty spaces on the paper for later. You get to save money on printing costs and also being responsible towards the environment.

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