Welcome to the Real Customer Issues and Opportunities for SAP Improvements

You are working hard to keep the IT systems running at their best.

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Your users are working hard to keep the business humming; they are booking orders, speaking with customers, procuring materials, planning operations, manufacturing products, ensuring quality, managing the warehouse, planning logistics, ensuring worker safety and a clean environment; every single day!

Yet, with all precautions, there does happen an occasional spanner-in-the-works which brings operations to a grinding halt...

We work lock-in-step with our customer's IT team and their users to ensure business keeps running, with the reality of the occasional bumps along the way...

All the articles are real customer issues that we see daily in supporting our customers.

P.S. If there’s anything on this site that’s confusing or you can’t seem to find, please email us so we can help you -- and fix it for other SAP leaders too.


Are Smart Forms Really Smart? See How Custom SAP Solutions Help Smart Forms Evolve

Our SAP consultants provided our customer with ability to get rid of redundant data which in turn smoothened the business processes.


Smart Label Printing - Save Expensive Label Printing Paper and Save Environment.

Barcode printing on shipping and tracking labels is required to be more efficient to reduce wastage and costs..


Putting SAP WMS on True Automation – Eliminating Repetitive Steps to Improve Process Efficiency.

Our SAP expertise came up with an efficient solution to automatically generate the LTO3 screen without having to enter the details each time.


How we developed faster SAP search in our applications to enable quicker intuitive response.

Instead of the user opening a new search window for searching (as in traditional SAPGUI), we provided a google-style type-down search for business data.


Adding Dimensions to Standard Purchase Order Customization in SAP.

Purchase orders represent an integral part of an organization's daily accounts. Having to deal with a cumbersome purchase order generation process can lower efficiency and waste resources. Here's how we customize a standard SAP purchase order process to save both paper and time.


How we designed an SAP application for accurate validation of contract data.

To improve the productivity of the data provided and to overcome the challenges with SAP systems, we have designed an application for data accuracy.


How our customer streamlined their Contract Management using SAP process automation.

Managing customer contracts, prices, validity dates, discounts and commercial terms is critical and time-consuming. We implemented SAP process automation for this critical process.


How our SAP HR solution decongested the HR department for our client.

The application streamlined the working of HR department and made it more productive.