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SAP's Answer to Resolving Purchase Approval Record Issue

Purchasing of certain types of items or goods – for instance raw materials – is necessary for any organization for smooth functioning of its operations. While purchasing of these items, the employee generating the purchase requisition needs an approval from the concerned authority.


The employee is required to fill out a requisition and submit to the supervisor for approval. The supervisor will then review the requisition and approve or deny it depending on various factors, such as need, budget, etc.

What is the Issue Exactly?

The major issue that most organizations face is that once the purchase requisition is approved, the details (name, date and time) of the approval is not available for anyone to view it. This can cause delay in the overall process.

Why Organization Need to Resolve Issue in Purchase Requisition Process?

  • The information of approval details is important from auditing point of view.
  • It is important for keeping records as to who approved the purchase requisition, the time and the date.
  • It is important to know the release strategy (Approval process) for future reference.

How this Issue was Approached Traditionally?

Organizations used standard SAP, which by default only allows one custom tab to be created. To resolve this issue, it is important to have one more custom tab with the required information. However, this approach is not effective in context of the current SAP standards protocol. Adding one more custom tab in Standard SAP is not possible.

How Release Strategy Tab Addition Resolves this Anomaly?

The SAP experts can enhance the available code to accommodate one more release strategy custom tab. This tab will include the approval details like Release Indicator, Release status, Name of the person who approved the purchase order, the approval date and the approval time.

Benefits to the Organizations

  • His information helps the organization during the auditing process.
  • The details of the approval will be available for future reference.

Next step

If your organization is facing similar issue with SAP, get in touch with our SAP consultants for assistance.


Having proper alert and monitoring mechanisms setup also helps in a lot way to save precious customer time and business continuity.



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