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Are Smart Forms Really Smart? See How Custom SAP Solutions Help Smart Forms Evolve

Every business has a dedicated system to maintain transactions between vendors and customers. This is very useful for record keeping as well as undertake managerial decisions.This can be quite difficult chore since business activities can vary in large or small corporations.

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Nevertheless, it is difficult to keep a manual record of all the due payments. This can get more complex in cases where payments are due to a vendor or a customer who has returned a product while the payment has been completed. Here, the obligation rests on the organization to handle the issue with complete data tracking.

SAP F110 Isn't Totally Up to the Task

Traditionally, SAP uses Automatic Payment Program (F110) to track all the transactions. When a customer processes a payment in F110, the details can be seen in the payment log. These details include various fields such as the date, amount, amount paid, payment method used, the bank that will be transferring the funds and also the error log information. This payment log is received by the vendor in the form of a smart form.

What's worth noting is that the useful information carried in the Smart Form contains this error log that is sent to the customer. The customer does not have to see this information at all. It is of no use to him/her. Unlike the organization, the customer does not want to receive the error log page info which is added by default in Standard SAP.

Why Error Log is Unnecessary

Standard SAP does not allow removal of error log function on the customer's side. This can be a concern for large organizations which print tons of forms every day for issue resolution.

How Our Ingenious Solutions Gets Around the Problem

Creative coding never disappoints. And in this case too, a simple addition of code enables our SAP experts to provide enterprises with the ability to get rid of this redundant issue. An enhancement in the code, by which the data sent to vendor in the form of smart forms is altered helps solve the problem. Hence, the error log page is not sent to the customer.

The definition of smart is ever evolving. It changes with time. Here, smart forms were returning obsolete information and thus demanded attention from our SAP consultants. It seems in today's eco-conscious times, wasting paper unnecessarily is not so smart after all.

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