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Tracking ID Conundrum in Delivery and Creative SAP Solution

Sales order and delivery related details are usually tagged to a ‘Tracking ID’ in a real world scenario and stored in SAP systems. Normally, organizations use custom report to track the Delivery shipment related details. The delivery document items contain a ‘Tracking id’ which is a reference number used for tracking the Shipments.


However, there is no such facility in SAP to actually view the current status of the shipment as it is carried out by external agency.

How Tracking ID affects Performance?

It is a time consuming process for the Customer to collect the Tracking IDs used in SAP and check their status individually using the Website of the Third party agency. This makes the delivery report validation a long process.


Users have to copy the tracking ID and then have to open the website of the third party and search for the current status of that particular tracking id in order to see the current shipment status. This exhausting process is not in accordance with the very concept of SAP.

The Traditional Approach to Tracking ID Issue isn't Productive.

There are several numbers of deliveries generated during the day which contain many more shipment numbers. It becomes difficult to navigate back and forth and check status individually. Going through each and every order manually is what the organizations resort to and which is, in fact, not an efficient solution.

A Simple Hyperlink Solves the Riddle.

  • A Hyperlink to the Tracking id in our program solves the problem.
  • Whenever user clicks this tracking id, directly a URL of the Third party Website is launched and the tracking ID information is passed on to the URL.
  • Therefore, users can directly get to see the current status of the shipment, without having to copy any values or open the browser.

What are the Advantages of Hyperlink Solutions?

SAP’s capability to launch a web browser and provide the URL does the trick. Adding a hyperlink to the tracking ID makes it much more accessible to the users. The information is directly available instead of taking the detour through the tracking order. The shipments can be tracked in real time, as the SAP intends, and without making any additional efforts. This simplifies the logging and tracking of the sales order and deliver reports of the shipments.

Next step

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