Why Simple & Innovative SAP Solutions Transform Organizations More Effectively

A single input-output method may be simple but can be cumbersome in large applications. This brings the issue of BOM in standard SAP where single material input is not welcome.

In CS15 BOM, in order to view the details of a particular material, one has to enter the material number in the tab provided on the screen and get the details. It fetches the listing of the BOM item only one material at a time.

Header-Design Augmentation

So, what's the solution to view the details of multiple materials at once instead of one at a time? Let's see how our SAP professionals came up with an innovative solution.

Why Singular Output Creates Problems?

Large organizations want the provision to enter multiple selections for material number. Sometimes, it is required to list all the BOM item for the list of material at once instead of one-by-one. The goal is to be able to list all the BOM item for the list of material at once instead of one at a time.

Standard SAP Isn't Helpful in Resolving BOM Issue.

CS15 does not allow entering multiple materials at a time. The user has to execute CS15 transaction for individual material every single time. This can be time consuming and also hectic during the consolidation of all the material.

An Innovative New Approach Changes Scenario.

We took on the challenge by transforming the standard screen of CS15 thereby allowing multiple entries and results. Here's a step-by-step description of the resolution as envisioned by our SAP professionals.

How Our Solution is a Win-Win

There are multiple benefits to our solution. Here are some:

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