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TIE Kinetix EDI Services

TIE Kinetix EDI Services and Production Support – We Support All VersionsApprisia EDI team would support your in-house EDI team and your partner team for daily TIE Kinetix production support activities.

Apprisia: TIE Kinetix EDI Production Support

We provide a team of 3-4 TIE Kinetix EDI specialists along with an EDI Team Lead for providing continuous production support for your EDI operations:


  • Apprisia team would work similar to your existing team members
  • We would ensure that all requests are attended promptly
  • Nothing slips through the cracks

Our EDI specialists have been working in the major EDI transactions of your industry

  • Manufacturing: 850, 855, 856, 810, 820, 997
  • Retail: 810, 820, 824, 830, 850, 852, 855, 856
  • Logistics: 210, 211, 214, 240, 753, 754
  • Healthcare: 837, 835, 834, 820, 270, 271, 276, 277, 278
TIE Kinetix EDI Support

We Support Your Industry and EDI Transactions

Our Apprisia EDI Specialists have been working in the major industries that use EDI:

  • Manufacturing: X12, EDIFACT, Odette
  • Retail: GDS, DSD, Tradacom
  • Logistics, distribution and goods carrier
  • Healthcare HL7
  • Financial services: Swift, SEPA
  • High Tech: RosettaNet, cXML, Ariba
  • Your proprietary formats: XML

TIE Kinetix EDI Services - Supporting Your ERP

Our Apprisia EDI team has been working with the major ERP systems:

  • SAP S/4 HANA (or ECC)
  • Oracle Apps
  • Epicor
  • PeopleSoft
  • JD Edwards
  • AS400
  • Custom application formats and document exchanges

TIE Kinetix EDI Services - Trading Partner Support

  • On boarding of new trading partners
  • Trading partner configuration, setups: VAN, SFTP, AS2
  • Create mappings (810, 850, 856…)
  • Work with the trading partner’s EDI team for testing, UAT, interoperability and production
  • Break-fix and ongoing maintenance

TIE Kinetix EDI Services - Mapping and Translation Support

  • Implement complex mappings for various business scenarios
  • Rationalize and reduce the number of maps through map templates
  • Support the business requested changes and updates to maps on ongoing basis

TIE Kinetix EDI Services - Trading Partner Communication

  • Configure the trading partner protocols such as VAN, SFTP, AS2, proprietary and others
  • Manage the trading partner changes such as change in FTP information
  • Troubleshoot and fix production issues related to TP communications



TIE Kinetix EDI Services - Trading Partner Message Monitoring and Alerting

  • Monitor the TIE Kinetix infrastructure and softwares to ensure that the EDI messages are getting processed at all times
  • Monitor the EDI messages from all Trading Partners
  • Check the errors such as translation errors, data issues, duplicates, late Acks, ASNs etc.
  • Work directly with the Trading Partner’s EDI team to resolve these errors
  • Ensure that you are not affected or incur monetary damages due to late EDI messages such as ASNs.

TIE Kinetix EDI Services - Production SLA

  • Apprisia provides production support to your TIE Kinetix EDI environment
  • We would adhere to your SLA for P1/P2/P3 issues
  • We support your team as per your requirements and budgets such as 8×5, 8×7, 24×7 or adhoc consulting.

What You Can Expect From Apprisia

  • Active monitoring of your TIE Kinetix servers, messages and errors
  • Handle all errors and coordinate with the relevant users for resolution
  • Assured support to your business users, even on public holidays and your team’s vacations
  • You see the same Apprisia team members at all times – no changeovers
  • Attractive monthly investment


We would be happy to provide an affordable pricing to support your TIE Kinetix EDI team.

Try Us

Please try our TIE Kinetix EDI specialist for 2 months. We assure you of better talent and higher focus to your EDI project work.


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