EDI Migration Services

Apprisia EDI team provides EDI migration services to assist in migrating your existing EDI production environment to a newer version or a different EDI software, such as IBM Gertran migration to IBM Sterling B2Bi, or migration to SAP PO B2B.

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EDI Migration - We Support Your EDI Software

EDI Migration - To New EDI Software:

Our EDI team supports you for migrating or upgrading your EDI software such as:

and your specific migration requirements

EDI Migration - Phased Approach :

Your current EDI production environment needs to be migrated to a new EDI production environment. This is a significant change and it needs to managed in a phased manner.

Apprisia will conduct the EDI migration in a controlled phased manner:

In our experience, this is a 6-12 month project for a complete migration to the new EDI environment.

EDI Migration - Installations Setup Of New EDI Software:

Our team would conduct the following:

EDI Migration - Trading Partners Setup:

EDI Migration - Mapping and Translations:

Apprisia EDI team’s objective is to simplify your EDI environment during the EDI migration. It is an opportunity for us to reduce the number of trading partners and simplify mappings (like a spring cleaning).

EDI Migration - Business Process Services:

EDI Migration - Regression Testing:

Regression Testing:

During the migration project (often 6-12 months), your existing EDI production has to continue running, along with the new EDI production environment

What You Can Expect From Apprisia EDI Migration:


We would be happy to provide an affordable pricing for your EDI migration / upgrade project.

Please contact our Senior consultant at: