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EDI Resource Augmentation - We Have EDI Specialists For Your EDI Software:

Please let us know if you are using other EDI software so that we can provide you the relevant EDI specialist.

EDI Resource Augmentation - We Support Your Industry and EDI Transactions:

Our Apprisia EDI specialists have been working in the major industries that use EDI:

  • Manufacturing: X12, EDIFACT, Odette
  • Retail: GDS, DSD, Tradacom
  • Logistics, distribution and goods carrier
  • Healthcare HL7
  • Financial services: Swift, SEPA
  • High Tech: RosettaNet, cXML, Ariba
  • Your proprietary formats: XML

Our EDI specialists have been working in the major EDI transactions of your industry:

  • Manufacturing: 850, 855, 856, 810, 820, 997
  • Retail: 810, 820, 824, 830, 850, 852, 855, 856
  • Logistics: 210, 211, 214, 240, 753, 754
  • Healthcare: 837, 835, 834, 820, 270, 271, 276, 277, 278

Supporting your ERP:

Our Apprisia EDI team has been working with the major ERP systems:

  • Oracle Apps
  • Epicor
  • PeopleSoft
  • JD Edwards
  • AS400
  • Custom application formats and document exchanges

Onsite / Offsite:

Our EDI specialists work closely with your inhouse team members to support you:

  • Onsite: on full time basis at your office
  • Offsite: on full time or partial basis as per your project needs at your business hours

Cost Effective:

  • As per our experience, almost 2/3 of your daily EDI issues can be resolved through our offsite team since they are repetitive and known issues
  • Through our offsite EDI specialists, you can save significantly on your EDI support costs.

Fractional Resources:

  • We can provide EDI specialists for partial utilization such as 20 hours / week
  • If you have less EDI requirements such as a few hours per week, we are happy to support your team.

Immediately Available:

  • Our EDI specialists are available immediately (1 week ramp up time) to support your team

100% Dedicated Team For Your Project:

  • Our EDI specialists are 100% dedicated to your project.
  • We learn your EDI implementation and configurations in parallel to the project activities
  • We rapidly on-board new team members due to our existing knowledge on your EDI implementation

Try Us:

Please try our EDI specialist for 2 months. We assure you of better talent and higher focus to your EDI project work.

Please contact our Senior consultant at :

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  • Apprisia team members have provided us high quality SAP services while ensuring security of our enterprise data.

    IT Director, Chemical Major, USA
  • The Apprisia team surpassed every other vendor we talked to in terms of understanding how to approach our challenges and achieve our business goals.

    Project Manager, Patrimonio, Mexico
  • Apprisia's SAP development model through onsite consultants and offsite consultants is streamlined, secure and effective.

    Managing Director, Kommunale Informationsverarbeitung, Germany
  • We all appreciate the chance of working with experienced and highly skilled team as yours. Thank you for your commitment.

    Manager, BI Application Development, Pharmaceutical Major, Bulgaria
  • I have recently talked to the folks in Purchasing, and they all said that SAP support has really gotten better. Thank you very much for your hard work in improving this.

    IT Manager, Chemical Major, USA