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SAP Cloud Managed Services

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Running SAP servers on Cloud based virtualized servers (such as Amazon AWS hosting) is increasingly gaining adoption due to lower costs and easier management.

We can help you move to the next level of migrating your SAP servers into a virtualized environment for SAP Cloud Hosting and Amazon AWS SAP hosting.

Why SAP Cloud Hosting / AMAZON AWS Hosting

There are several direct benefits of costs and IT simplification for you:

SAP Cloud Managed Services / Amazon AWS SAP Services

Apprisia has been assisting customers in migrating physical servers to a Cloud Hosting environment and Amazon AWS SAP Hosting.

We have setup several kinds of landscapes for our customers due to their varying business requirements:

Complete SAP BASIS Management

Our team is taking the bottomline responsibility for managing the SAP landscape:

Taking Small Steps

It is okay to hesitate.

We can help you to take small steps for experimenting with SAP Cloud hosting / Amazon AWS Hosting.

To start with, we can create a Sandbox instance for your SAP ECC server, so that you can test it and be comfortable.

Fixed Monthly Pricing for SAP Cloud Managed Services

Apprisia offers an attractive fixed monthly pricing for complete management of your SAP environment for daily tasks, transports, user requests and issues.

We can conduct the migration of your SAP servers to the Cloud Hosting / Amazon AWS Hosting, and take bottomline responsibility of managing it.

Please ask us any questions that you may have on our SAP Cloud Managed Services, and we would be happy to provide high level plan, budgetary estimates, and technical guidance.