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SAP BASIS Monitoring - Reliable SAP Support 24/7/365

SAP systems are used to run critical business applications across multiple inter-connected platforms. This inherently complex network is expected to control numerous business processes.

Why SAP BASIS Monitoring?

How are you doing the following:

  • How do you measure the performance of your SAP system?
  • Are there any trend analysis or system health reports generated?


BASIS monitoring means complete analysis of SAP system health through BASIS monitoring transaction codes done by remote staff and software tools. Proactive SAP BASIS Monitoring helps optimally run SAP systems and minimize production outages.


When SAP applications fail, it is difficult to immediately know the real root cause of the problem. A well-defined SAP monitoring solution provides real-time health check-ups, system health reports and monitoring of SAP portals, hosts and databases.

How We Can Help

Apprisia delivers effective SAP BASIS monitoring tools and solutions to clients. Our system monitoring ensures higher reliability, performance and consistency in your mission critical systems. We focus on maintaining maximum uptime for your business systems. Our proactive approach to monitoring, alerts and issue resolution not only saves the day but also helps improve SAP system availability.


Our SAP BASIS Consultants provide technical help in addition to undertaking expert SAP BASIS monitoring activities. Our clients have the freedom to choose the scope of system monitoring services as per your requirements.

  • SAP Instances Monitor.
  • SAP Host Monitor & SAP Database Monitor.
  • SP/EHP Implementation.
  • SAP Backups and Checks.
  • Database Administration.
  • SAP Process Monitors.
  • Systems Migration.
  • SAP System Health Monitoring.
  • SAP Solution Manager based monitoring.
  • 24X7 Remote Alerts & Assistance – Phone Support.
  • System Performance Troubleshooting.
  • And more…

Increase SAP System Monitoring, Not Additional Headcount

Apprisia’s remote SAP BASIS monitoring allows our experienced SAP consultants to remotely monitor and repair your systems. This eliminates the burden of hiring and training additional in-house staff for maintenance and support. We handle all the technical aspects via our certified SAP experts. Complete system performance and reliability is analyzed through pro-active monitoring.


We can serve as an extension of your current IT team and accelerate the issue resolution process without adding any real headcount. Our SAP BASIS monitoring can be customized to meet your unique requirements.

  • Automatically Get Notifications Our SAP monitor identifies slow/stuck SAP processes and send notifications automatically.
  • Optimized System Response Time We monitor the system continuously for system performance.
  • Detect Failures in the System A comprehensive system-wide check on a daily BASIS ensures that issues are detected early.
  • Plan Capacity Load In-depth report analysis helps monitor key performance indicators and need for resource expansion such as memory, disk space, CPU cores.
  • Monitor Backups Ensure the status of daily and incremental backups.
  • Reliable Support – 24X7X365 Our BASIS team is monitoring on all days, weekends and public holidays.


Besides SAP BASIS daily monitoring, there are host of other related activities Apprisia can undertake for your enterprise. These include:

  • Automatically Get Notifications Our SAP monitor identifies slow/stuck SAP processes and send notifications automatically.
  • Complete SAP consulting including system landscape and technical architecture design.
  • Remote system administration and operations maintenance during the holiday period.
  • System performance tuning and troubleshooting.
  • 24×7 support through our connected help desk.

Do you want an extra set of eyes to monitor your crucial SAP systems? Or have additional questions? Please let us know your SAP BASIS challenge, and our Senior Consultant would be in touch with you.

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