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Apprisia develops applications and other services with advanced expertise; our Fiori experts and UI/UX designers develop innovative SAPUI5/SAP Fiori applications that convey topnotch user-experience for your business users. Our team has the following expertise:

  • SAP UI5
  • SAP OpenUI5
  • SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori Development Services

SAP Fiori is an application development platform from SAP for developing attractive and intuitive mobile-ready applications. SAP Fiori simplifies SAP’s user interface and at the same time enables enterprise flexibility.

Apprisia’s key elements of SAP Fiori development-

  • Fiori Standard SAP applications - Our team is here to support you in the execution of Fiori applications. SAP is offering over 800 Fiori applications across various industries, functions and lines of business. We can match the exact Fiori applications according to your specific set-up, your functional requirements, and deploy on your system.
  • New Fiori Application Development- Along with supporting existing SAP Fiori application, we also develop new Fiori applications as well. The custom Fiori applications have a strong binding with SAP Fiori Launchpad and supports seamless steering between standard and custom applications. We also develop separate custom SAP UI5 based applications within an existing landscape with multiple UI techniques.
  • Expert Advice for SAP Fiori- we provide expert advisory services to your running User experience(UX) design and helps you to take a decision regarding the setting of Fiori programs, architecture, development approach, UI/UX patterns and forecasting further enriching projects.
  • Themes and Brands for Fiori- Our team also support you in branding via colors, images, logos and themes to reflect your branding and pixel perfect design
  • Responsive design – We apply the SAP standard design principles to implement personalized, role-based and responsive Fiori applications.
  • Fiori extensibility- At Apprisia we are ready to enhance the SAP standard Fiori application in your existing landscape by using SAP approved rules in the Fiori application.
  • Fiori maintenance and support services- Our team offers SAP Fiori maintenance and support services for existing applications. Due to our experience in Fiori development, we can help you to decrease your TCO increments.

Advantages via SAP Fiori -

  • Business operations became fast by Fiori application within weeks, quick time to value and implementation.
  • Simplifies enterprise daily tasks and enhance productivity.
  • Accessible on all type of platforms and devices.
  • Simpler training and on-boarding of new users
  • Easily adaptable to existing SAP programs

Our SAP Fiori team-

Apprisia has experienced team for the following activities:

  • Solution ideation
  • Architecture
  • SAP BASIS setups
  • Network security
  • Installation
  • Prototyping / proof of concept
  • Design and development of Fiori App
  • Production deployment
  • User training

Apprisia’s team of project manager, technical solution architect, Fiori developers, UI/UX designers and QA testing ensure a successful implementation of your Fiori project.

Our team is developing all the variations of the SAP Fiori applications:

  • Transactional
  • Analytical
  • Fact sheet
  • Smart business

Our SAP Fiori capabilities -

  • SAP Fiori 2.0 framework
  • SAP UI5/custom UI5 controls
  • Fiori templates and plugins
  • Core Data Services (CDS)
  • SAP NW gateway OData service
  • Fiori Launchpad

Apprisia’s experts provide guidance on -

  • Fiori setup
  • Fiori installation
  • Fiori configuration
  • Fiori design skills
  • Smart business KPI

For your SAP Fiori implementation, please contact our Solution Architect. We would respond within 24 hours to your query.

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  • Apprisia team members have provided us high quality SAP services while ensuring security of our enterprise data.

    IT Director, Chemical Major, USA
  • The Apprisia team surpassed every other vendor we talked to in terms of understanding how to approach our challenges and achieve our business goals.

    Project Manager, Patrimonio, Mexico
  • Apprisia's SAP development model through onsite consultants and offsite consultants is streamlined, secure and effective.

    Managing Director, Kommunale Informationsverarbeitung, Germany
  • We all appreciate the chance of working with experienced and highly skilled team as yours. Thank you for your commitment.

    Manager, BI Application Development, Pharmaceutical Major, Bulgaria
  • I have recently talked to the folks in Purchasing, and they all said that SAP support has really gotten better. Thank you very much for your hard work in improving this.

    IT Manager, Chemical Major, USA