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SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for your business

Plan your sales, operations and finances all in one place using specialized tools to help you make the best decisions for your business. Tools that can predict different outcomes and help you earn more money.

What is SAP IBP?

SAP IBP is a cloud-based planning process for aligning a company’s business goals with Demand, Sales, Inventory, Operations, Response, and Finance.


Apprisia helps manufacturers, distributors, retailers and service organizations to implement real-time planning using SAP IBP to effectively manage their operational and strategic goals in an integrated environment.


Using SAP IBP makes it easier to manage supply chain and make smarter decisions. It has been proven that SAP IBP is the top choice for getting information fast and making quick decisions in a competitive environment.

A plan to implement (IBP) Integrated Business Planning

Implement SAP IBP

  • If you are a business that wants to streamline your planning process and supply chain.
  • If you are a Large MNC or a Medium-Sized Enterprise.
  • If you are an industry working in manufacturing, retail, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, automotive, aerospace, chemical, or any other. Let us know.

Key Features of IBP

  • Cloud based architecture.
  • Collaboration across verticals.
  • Real-time simulation for different business scenarios.
  • User friendly UI.
  • Statistical forecasting using ML.
  • Effectively manage complex supply chains.

Why we need to use SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP)?

  • Improve Productivity and Efficiency – SAP IBP streamlines business planning processes, reduces manual workload, and improves response time with real-time features and powerful analytical capabilities. This keeps you on top of any changes and changes as needed.
  • Comprehensive Solution – It offers a complete suite of next-generation end-to-end solutions that integrate all aspects of business planning, eliminating the need for multiple separate systems and integrating planning with greater clarity Synchronizes.
  • The Digital Transformation – SAP brings revolutionary digital transformation to supply chain management through IBM’s advanced technology applications, enabling businesses to leverage the latest innovations to make better decisions.


Each module addresses to a specific supply chain business planning. They can be applied independently, one by one, or in combination, depending on the customer’s needs and requirements.

  • SAP IBP for Demand
  • SAP IBP for Inventory
  • SAP IBP for Sales and Operations
  • SAP IBP Response & Supply
  • Control Tower for Supply Chain
  • Demand for SAP IBP – Based on statistical data, SAP IBP Demand allows you to develop a clear action plan for up to 36 months based on forecasts and sales forecasts.
  • IBP Inventory in SAP – Utilizing SAP IBP for Inventory, we enable you to maximize profits, meet unexpected demand, and resolve issues before they escalate by maintaining your inventory levels.
  • SAP IBP Sales and Operations – With SAP S&OP, we help you deliver cross-departmental sales and operations plans that balance inventory, service levels and profitability.
  • SAP IBP Response & Supply – SAP IBP for Supply and Response gives you the real-time visibility you need to enhance customer service and create supply plans based on prioritized customer requests, allocations, and constraints.
  • Control Tower for Supply Chain – Integrate SAP Supply Chain Control Tower to gain end-to-end visibility, understand minute-by-minute performance, and take fast and corrective action.

With a successful SAP IBP implementation, we can help you achieve business value realization and guided, proactive stakeholder management.

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