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Is your business struggling to process paper-based forms? Is manual data entry leading to errors? Are you conducting approvals through printing/signing paper forms?

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If you have answered “YES” to any of these questions, we have the solution to replace your error-prone cumbersome paper based process.

Go Paperless without Compromising Process Efficiency.

Are paper documents travelling between your departments?

In many organizations, users have to interact with several applications to complete their daily duties. As an example, user has to print the expense reimbursement form of the HR system, get manager signature, and get them uploaded to ERP system for disbursement.

Do you have a similar scenario? It may be related to a warranty repair for example. We have implemented a scenario where the user had to earlier download and print the warranty repair form. The service technician would jot down his service work, send to headquarters, and the back-office would type it into SAP. It took 5 working days earlier. With our SAP Adobe implementation, it takes 2 days.

  • SmartForms conversion to SAP Adobe Interactive Forms.
  • SAP HR ESS forms for HR benefits enrollment / changes.
  • Field data collection.
  • RFQ response by suppliers.
  • Purchase Requisition creation.
  • Service Time Entry sheet.
  • Create Maintenance Schedule form.


SAP has partnered with Adobe to create SAP Interactive Forms – a suite for creating automated fillable forms that are secure and deliver effective forms-based communication. Think of it as a bridge between data in your SAP and your physical documents. SAP Adobe Interactive forms are better integrated into the business processes allowing users to exchange information with SAP in a “print-quality” format

  • Increase data accuracy, reduce manual mistakes and eliminate error-prone paper forms.

  • Print quality forms to maintain company’s branding.

  • It allows for direct interaction between enterprise’s different SAP applications.

  • Improve inter-process communication and collaboration.

  • Simplified data archiving and multiple platform information sharing.

  • Cooperation with your partners securely.

  • Earn eco-friendly credentials with minimal paper usage in your premises.

Leverage on SAP Interactive Forms with Apprisia

Apprisia can develop and deploy cost-effective and customized SAP Interactive Forms for your multiple document templates. SAP NetWeaver platform provides the required technology to create scalable forms for every business process to be shared among various SAP applications.

  • Increase data accuracy, reduce manual mistakes and eliminate error-prone paper forms.
  • Develop customized SAP Adobe forms relevant for your business processes.
  • Maintain your company’s branding in electronic forms.
  • Integrate your current SAP systems with new electronic forms.
  • Evaluate, design and create interactive forms using ABAP Programming, Adobe LifeCycle Designer, SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.
  • Define access rights and set digital signature for security.
  • SAP HCM Processes and Forms Framework.
  • Create robust XML-based forms within the integrated SAP environment.
  • Access forms anywhere anytime – offline and online.
  • Comply with forms and form-based process regulations
  • End-user training and maintenance.

Our SAP Adobe development services have provided these major benefits

Eliminate paper-based printing and approval processes in your organization.

Discuss today with our SAP Adobe consultants on how to make the transition to SAP Adobe Interactive Forms.