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SAP BPM Services – From Pilot to Production

Apprisia is a leading SAP NetWeaver BPM Service Provider for business process automation. We have been working closely with our customers in Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Cement, Chemical and Automotive for process simplification on SAP BPM platform.

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Business processes are vital to your business. Efficient processes even more so. These business processes define how your business users conduct sales, purchase, negotiate, pay, plan, produce, make, deliver and service your customers and suppliers.

The business processes have interactions with:

The business processes generate large amount of documents and printed paperwork.

With the additional legal requirement of compliance, and to improve service levels, it is important to make these processes efficient, transparent and easier on the business users.

At Apprisia, we have been working closely with the business users on the ground, and automating their daily tasks. The resulting systems are easy to use, and resemble their familiar tasks.

We have been providing SAP BPM Workflow solutions across core processes:

  • Automate the manual or semi-manual processes. This saves time of business users.
  • Improve the efficiency and turn-around time. This provides a faster completion of a business outcome.
  • Automation across multiple systems such as SAP ERP, Supply chain planning, Warehouse management etc.
  • Allow external people such as service technician or contractors to participate in the workflow.
  • Remotely access and participate in the business process from multiple devices and smartphones.
  • Immediate business intelligence regarding business outcomes.
  • Happy users.
  • “Test the waters” pilot project to implement a low risk and useful scenario to introduce the workflow automation to the organization.
  • SAP BPM landscape creation: installation and configuration of the BPM components.
  • SAP BPM implementation of key business scenarios in stages.
  • SAP BPM training and on-boarding of your team to productively use SAP BPM.
  • Workflow automation across users.

  • Paperless process – the users upload attachments to the workflow which can be seen by all.

  • Fetch data from SAP, nonSAP and external databases.

  • Auditing and traceability of approvals.

  • Email notifications to all.

  • External users like vendors, field sales, 3PL logistics can be in the workflow.

  • Mobile capability: People can view and approve from their smartphone.

    • Pharmaceutical Major, USA:

For our customer, the pricing and contracts management was a major challenge. It was being handled through a mix of home grown applications, excel spreadsheets and email approvals. We worked closely with the key business users to identify the business process, its owners, the key actions and the backend system changes. We delivered the SAP BPM process in 4 months, with great success and happy user adoption.

    • Cement Major, Guatemala:

The Customer creation and master data management was a challenge, since different aspects of the customer information was provided by different departments. Additionally, it required special approvals for certain cases. We discussed the existing process with the users in various departments. We understood the process, transactions, data and special cases of approvals.We delivered the SAP BPM process in 3 months, with Spanish localization. The Sales Managers could receive approval request on their blackberry, which they could respond from their device.

    • Mortgage Bank, Iceland:

The customer is providing home loan mortgages to individuals. The qualification criteria and the documentation had to be handled. Our team analyzed the loan origination process, and discussed with the key users regarding the workflow process, decision criteria and documentation requirements for the process.We accurately implemented the Loan Origination process in 3 months, in close collaboration with the business users.

  • Accurate implementation: Our team will work closely with your key business users to understand the existing process. We will propose process improvements in consultation with the key users. We ensure that the SAP BPM process is accepted and adopted well by the business.

  • Fast Implementation: We have a proven record of implementing SAP BPM scenarios in 3 months. This ensures that you can get the benefit of automated business processes and document management quickly.

  • Low cost: We ensure a business process automation on SAP BPM in reasonable costs. We use our onsite/offsite model to bring cost savings. Our business analyst works onsite at your location to interact with the business users for business process understanding, implementation and training. Our SAP BPM development is conducted offsite, which brings significant cost savings to the overall project. We assure an affordable SAP BPM project to all our customers.

If we have piqued your interest or curiosity, please send us a mail with your business process challenge to

Our Senior Consultant would respond within 24 hours (or less) to provide approaches for solving them. Call our expert consultants for further details on SAP BPM Services at (214) 556 5416.