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Need of New Business Suite - S/4HANA

The world around us is not getting simpler; it is getting more complex, for the following reasons:

  • Rapid growth of digital information - social, mobile, big data.
  • Globalization and spread of business networks
  • Internet of Things

The exponential proliferation of mobile devices, social media, cloud technologies, and the staggering amounts of data that they generate have transformed the way we live and work. In fact, 61% of firms report that the majority of their people use smart devices, for everything from email to project management to content creation. Existing ERP systems are not adjustable enough to rapidly process the explosion of data to deliver insights on business opportunities or operational efficiencies and consumer preferences. Companies got to upgrade their digital platform, in order that technology fosters business growth, instead of hindering responsiveness. A new wave of advances in hardware architecture brings huge computing power at reduced cost. Huge memory and multi-core processors arrive. The underlying design of the present SAP applications is not optimal for the new hardware. A re-write of the complete suite is required. This is SAP S/4HANA.

Pain Points While Dealing with SAP S/4HANA

  • Strategy to Move into S/4HANA- Defining a clear strategy on moving to S/4HANA prior to start any project or activities is tough task. This strategy must be aligned with business strategy.
  • Functionality- Making sure all current business processes are already covered by new product functionality on the new suite, finding a road-map for S/4HANA to include all ECC functions or even other ERP solutions should be included on core suite.
  • Architecture- Change in SAP S/4HANA architecture is the most important factor. With this new product solution, a lot of components hace to be installed and activated (Application engines, Fiori, CDS, Gateway, HANA Studio, KPI modeler, O Data, BW-Embedded, Analytics, etc.). Global Architecture definitions are need to be consider before starting S/4HANA implementation or conversion.
  • Customization- Avoiding system customization by developing code out of standard functionality always is a huge challenge.
  • Change Adoption- Embrace change and innovation as the foremost vital things on moving into S/4HANA, easy to say and very hard to apply.
  • A Lack of the Right Experience, Expertise and Supporting Assets- It is always difficult to find right resource for new innovation.

Functionality Changes

There are some significant changes to the functional scope of SAP S/4HANA when compared to Traditional SAP ERP. For example, SAP Classic Cash and Liquidity Management has been made unavailable in SAP S/4HANA . They are replaced by the newly developed SAP S/4HANA Cash Management.

Why Apprisia is your trusted partner for SAP S/4HANA consulting services

Apprisia will assist you understand the business and IT impact of S/4HANA. Harden this transition with Apprisia's added offerings.

  • Strategy and Roadmaps - Be it a Brownfield (traditional SAP) or Greenfield (non-SAP ERP platforms) migrations to SAP S/4HANA our services address both and provide an intuitive, customizable and userfriendly application interface. We help you harness SAP S/4HANA to simplify your organization’s ERP environment in terms of user experience and business processes to ensure the success of your SAP.
  • Business Process Development - We understand the scope and benefits of S/4HANA and will justify your S/4HANA adoption based on business priorities and requirements.
  • Deployment Recommendation - e provide enterprise specific recommendations for deployment options such as on premise, private or cloud, or a custom hybrid approach.
  • Assessment and Analysis - Detail and justify your strategy for S/4HANA with business scenario evaluation, target architecture, transformation roadmap, implementation strategy, and business case. Provide 100% accurate classification despite of classification process complexity to ensure compliance.
  • Customization - Develop new process, or review an existing one customized to a business's unique needs and compliance risk. Ask us your SAP S/4HANA question

Next Step:

Our SAP S/4HANA Consultants are here to help you on how to accelerate and simplify your digital transformation. Contact us and get your questions answered by our vast experienced consulting team.

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