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Transportation Management

Transforming Your Supply Chain with the Help of Smart Logistics

SAP TM Services covering transportation management functionality and services – Transforming Your Supply Chain with the Help of Smart Logistics.


What is SAP TM?

SAP TM is an advanced solution that is tailored to help revamp your logistics operation for your business entity. It comprises all the strategies you need for scheduling, managing, and controlling each of your transportation activities.


Overall, via the integration of SAP TM, a total supply chain management transparency is ensured, which results in rational decision-making and substantial cost reduction.


An additional speciality of SAP TM is that it can used both as a standalone offering or can also be used as a part of SAP S4 HANA.


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SAP TM – Advantages

Enhanced Visibility and Control

  • Different modes of shipment tracking systems at a real-time basis.
  • Adequate transparency across your entire supply chain.
  • This refers to a single point where visibility of the supply chain as well as control of the logistical arrangements is conducted.


Cost Optimization

  • Enable a driver to shave up to 20% of the transportation cost via efficient route mapping.
  • Maximizing the choice and efficiency of airlines and aircrafts.
  • Integrate procedures for the calculations and billing for the costs of freight.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

  • Enhance delivery speed to clients by as much as twenty- five percent.
  • Update the status of their shipment in credible, timely manners.
  • Make deliveries available at various customer convenience points regardless of the time of the day.


Operational Efficiency

  • Increase efficiency of manual labour Integrate ideas between personnel efficiency enhances productivity.
  • This will reduce the order to cash cycle times.
  • Develop methods for better employment of resources in your logistic chain.


Risk Mitigation and Compliance

  • SWOT Analysis: Supply chain management has positively impacted on the companies since it provides a proactive approach to identifying and managing risks.
  • Make local and international trade agreements legal.
  • On the same note, keep precise records on all aspects relating to transportation.



  • Optimize transportation by using the shortest distance route and carrying more load at a time.
  • Sustain policies that promote green logistics.
  • It shall be able to so produce proper reports on the emission index for sustainability primarily for tracking.

Our SAP TM Services



SAP TM Implementation services that we provide Real business needs solutions for your SAP TM Implementation. Utilizing a tight-knit team of experts with deep focus on swift and efficient result delivery, little to no disturbance is experienced in transitioning at maximum ROI.



Further, we are as flexible as SAP TM needs to be configured according to your business processes and needs within your organization. Some of the customizations include defining new features for the system, generating customized reports and easy interfaces, and programming to conform to your organizational policies.


SAP TM can be integrated with other existing systems to include details about them within the SAP system. We focus on linking SAP TM to other SAP modules and non-SAP systems, therefore paying attention to the processes and data exchange between different systems.


Ensure that your workforce is able to maximize on the benefits of using SAP TM. Support documentation also encompasses role-based training sessions, practical working sessions, and user manuals, all tailored to introduce your staff to the working and management of the system.

Support and Maintenance

Our SAP TM Consultants are always on call to help you with regular maintenance to ensure the efficiency of your SAP TM system. To further assist our clients, we provide different levels of supports such as, off-site and health check-up on the system required for constant update.

Why Choose Us for SAP TM Services?

  • As a certified SAP partner we are able to offer the relevant experience also in the transportation management.
  • High levels of implementation success as attained in organizations from all fields.
  • The service deliveries are thus unique and developed with the specific goals and objectives of the business in mind.
  • Invaluable support starting before and continuing throughout the process, as well as after its completion.
  • Sustained innovation in system design and integration of SAP TM along with other SAP systems.
  • It involves extensive industry contents and strong emphasis on logistics and supply chain management.
  • Excessive shift towards providing value and ROI/performance measurement.        

Industries Using SAP TM

SAP Transportation Management services cater to a wide range of sectors, including:

Manufacturing: Therefore the issue is best solved to enhance the inbound and outbound logistics to ensure that they contribute to the low costs and high delivery performance.

Retail and Consumer Goods: Optimise final mile customer fulfilment and address difficult multiple transport mode consignment challenges.

Automotive: Further adapt just-in-time delivery and improve the management of worldwide supply networks.
Oil and Gas: Determine the optimal approach for tank truck timing and adherence to laws controlling the transport of hazardous materials.

Pharmaceuticals: Complexity of temperature controlled transportation and other regulations with regards to transportation of food items.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL): Improve organizational functionality and help clients gain clearer insight into their organizations.

Improve Your Transportation Management

Don’t wait up to become outdated, bring SAP TM into your supply chain.

Contact our SAP TM experts for a personalized consultation and discover how we can help you achieve:

  • Significant cost savings.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Greater risk management and compliance.
  • Sustainably increase in your Supply Chain
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